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BGC RPG Review

Bubblegum Crisis RPG Review

This review is more on the R. Talsorian Games BGC RPG as a sourcebook than on the mechanics of the game (although from what I have heard, Fuzion is a huge pain in the posterior for some people). Don't expect a very technical look at the game itself and how it is played here. This review is mainly for those who desire a source of information and cannot acquire the original Japanese books.

That said, let's go on.

The initial thing most people are actually looking for when buying the BGC RPG book(s) is a source of information for Bubblegum Crisis/Crash!/The AD. Police Files and related works that are also covered in the books. The RPG is renowned among BGC fans already for having a large amount of knowledge on the series therein, and it also have several images found nowhere on the internet thus far. The art is gorgeous and well chosen and the stats for characters are usually done fine.

The unfortunate thing about this book is that to make things make more sense as a while, it tries to connect unrelated incidents. For instance, in Japanese sourcebooks it is stated that Sylia Stingray developed the Typhoon II that appeared briefly in Red Eyes. However, to bring Revenge Road into the series itself rather than having it stand out as the 'odd ball,' RTG stated that Doctor Raven had created the Typhoon II, directly contradicting what is found in certain sourcebooks. This is done in other places, too, such as which Hardsuit design is the original. Episode one shows this to be Sylia's Hardsuit design, but the RPG takes the short image of Priss' Hardsuit from episode six and takes that to mean that Priss' Hardsuit design is the original. This is not a very common occurance in the RPG, but it does cause a few minor problems for those looking for a reliable source in order to write fanfictions and create websites.

There is also a small problem with the scoring characters have on their abilities. Most scores range from one through ten, one being the lowest and ten being the highest. These scores were based more on what a character is believed to be rather than what he/she exhibits. Leon was listed as a better shot than Priss with a gun, but Priss in the videos does a better job shooting than Leon. Priss was listed as superior in hand to hand over Sylia, but Sylia is the one who excels there while Priss is definitely more of a long range expert. Sylia's scores were a little bothersome, in truth; they were marred by the fact that she is not thought to be a talented fighter when she does far more close combat than Priss or even Linna.

Aside from those few things, the book is excellent. It clears up little mysteries such as what Largo's relationship with Anri was and it touches on larger mysteries, such as whether or not Sylia is a Boomer. It also takes a popular theory by C.J. Scott concerning the origins of Largo and gives it more detail than the original had so that those looking for the connection between Largo and Mason will be able to have a better idea of just what that connection it.

In the long run, anyone who wants to know more about BGC and does not have the B-Clubs or other books should get at least the first addition of the BGC RPG. Not enough information is incorrect to cause considerable troubles with gaming or just reading for the joy of learning more about BGC. The book and graphics are superb and well worth the cost of the book.

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