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Bubblegum Crisis Links

  • The Unofficial 'New BGC' Website (wonderful site! See it now! All the info on the forthcoming series!)
  • The Unofficial BGC Website (good site for multimedia, and soon information)
  • The Bubblegum Crash! Website (the only BGC! website around! Take a look!)
  • The Official Series Synopses (complete, detailed synopses for the series)
  • BGC: Dawn of the Knight Sabers (growing site with info, pics, links, etc...)
  • The Shrine to Sylia Stingray and Largo (shrine, info, many images, and more!)
  • Sylia Stingray's Page of BGStuff (new images, information, reviews, etc. Great site!)
  • The BGC Image Gallery (great images from BGC and BGC! Get your pics here!)
  • BGC: Welcome to Tinsel City (soon to be huge site with info, pics, links, and much more!)
  • Sylia Stingray's Homepage (all the info available on Sylia!)
  • The Sylia Stingray Worship Center (great site dedicated to the beautiful Sylia-san!)
  • The Shrine to Priss Asagiri (lotsa Priss stuff!)
  • The Priss Worship Center (new scans and info on Priss)
  • The Temple of the Mountain Headlands (more prepositional phrases than you can handle! {and Linna stuff, too})
  • The Nene-chan Shrine (images, info, etc., on Nene-chan!)

    More BGC links can be found at The Ultimate BGC Link Archive. Tons of links decorated with some nice images! A must-see for BGC fans who want the best directory of links available!

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